Network Installation and support

Peer-to-Peer, Wireless, Server, or any combination thereof, Aplus IT Solutions  offers a complete line of quality networking products. Featuring the line of D-Link networking products, both wired and wireless.

How would you like to able to walk into your house, or office, turn on your laptop, and log on to your own local network, or to the high-speed Internet, without wires, or cables?

That would be an example of a wireless network, and its surprisingly inexpensive.

Did you know that you do not require any additional software, other than Windows 95 or better, to run a Peer-to-Peer network? You can connect all your workstations through a single Cable, or DSL connection. This can be achieved by using a Gateway, and you get the added protection of a hardware firewall.

Drop us a line, and we'll show you just how beneficial and affordable a network from the experts at Aplus IT Solutions really is.

You have network questions, we have answers!

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