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Please do not ask us to provide "Free Technical Advice", as it is time consuming and takes us away from our duties to our paying clients.

We do provide a "Facebook Page" to share with the community. Feel free to post questions there, someone will probably answer it on a volunteer basis when they have time.

Looking for Tips to help secure your computer & prevent Malware & Viruses? Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

If you are a client of Aplus IT Solutions, or purchased your product directly from us, then by all means contact us with any questions you may have regarding any products, or services that you have acquired through Aplus IT Solutions.

Have you purchased your product, or service from another dealer other than Aplus IT Solutions? If so, then we suggest contacting them. We are only dealers for the products that are displayed throughout our website, and will probably refer you to the websites listed below for drivers, software upgrades, etc.

New! Remote Support!Remote Computer & Server Technical SupportNew! Remote Support!

Aplus IT Solutions, is proud to offer our clients "Remote Support" to any internet connected computer or server.

Simply download & install using the easy to follow instructions.

Seanix Authorised Service Centre

Aplus IT Solutions, was a warranty / repair depot for Seanix computer systems, (Before Seanix filed for Bankruptcy) and if you purchased your Seanix equipment from us, are in our geographical area, and are having hardware related warranty issues, you can drop your system off at our location and we will do our best to promptly take care of it for you.

However, if it is a software related problem that is not covered by warranty, please contact the company that you purchased your system from. Or you can contact Aplus IT Solutions, to arrange a billable call for non warranty related service.

AVG Anti- Virus & Internet Security