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Here are just some of the customers of Aplus IT Solutions.

Mission Community Skills Centre.

Supply, and support of 3 network locations, consisting of 1 Microsoft Server Essentials 2016, 1 on-premise Exchange Server, 1 Server 2016 Standard running Remote Desktop Services, , 2 - 10+ station  Windows 7 labs / classrooms & 15 Windows 10 Pro  staff workstations, Printers, and software upgrades. Ongoing hardware and network troubleshooting. VPN

Mission Hospice Society.

Microsoft SmallBusiness Server 2011 Essentials and 6 Windows 10 Pro workstations and 2 laptops on WiFi. Ongoing hardware and network troubleshooting.

Mission Community Archives and Mission Museum.

Microsoft SmallBusiness Server 2008, 1 Windows Server 2016 Standard acting as a data server. 10 Windows 10 Pro workstations. Ongoing hardware and network troubleshooting.

To respect the privacy of our clients, we ask that you request contact information for these, or other references, serious inquiries only please.



  • I'm so glad I contacted Aplus IT Solutions. They quickly fixed my computer and printer, so I can print my reports again. ~ Gord, Mission.

  • I have worked with Paul Hockridge for more than 10 years as he was our IT professional at the Not For Profit Government Agent I worked for.  Paul looked after our IT services and specifically he was a great help to me personally as an employee of the company.  There were a number of times that I found Paul straighten out my IT issues and this especially helped me as I do not have a lot of IT experience and I did not have time to learn what to do when my work was affected with IT problems.  I could contact Paul and give him a brief explanation of what was happening and even when I did not use the correct language to explain my problem he was intuitive and could solve the problem to get me up and running and back to work.  As an employee I appreciated his professionalism and his respectful kind manner in which he dealt with me.  I always felt that he cared no matter how small the issue was and he made things work together so I could complete my work on time.  I highly recommend Paul, from the employee perspective as being a trouble shooter that solves problems and saves time for the company.  He is an exceptional IT professional and a product support specialist expert in his industry. ~ Suzanne, Abbotsford, BC

  • I'm writing to recommend Paul Hockridge from Aplus IT Solutions. Paul has been a contract employee here at Mission *** *** for many years now. I've worked with Paul for the past few years as his direct supervisor.

    In the time I've known him, Paul has consistently been a strong employee — capable of taking control of big projects and executing to the fullest. Paul is a pleasure to work with and he's cheerful in the face of daunting deadlines and always available to lend a hand to co-workers when necessary.

    Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas and executing the small details — Paul is just that person. As the Network Administrator at Mission *** ***, he has managed all IT related implementation, repair, and replacement, from ideation through execution. Paul would be a great fit for your company, building strong user relationships and ensuring successful IT installation and maintenance.

    I highly recommend Paul from Aplus IT Solutions to look after your IT needs. ~ Angel, Mission, BC


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